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Fundraising Activities

We try and attend an event at least once a month from February through to December.  An event may be over one or up to three days.  We try to have our stand at events where the organisers give us an area for our tent for nothing but sometimes we have to pay but usually at a reduced fee.  We would like to take this opportunity of thanking organisers of events who have helped us fund raise.  We would also like to say a big thank you to our supporters, many of those actually make a point of coming to a particular event to see us and support us in any way they can .  Are you an organiser of an event and are willing for us to come?  If so please contact us.

We hold Tombolas with quality prizes, Lucky dip, Support Sri Lanka Foundation Merchandise, Quality Gifts, Children's Novelties and Soft Toys.  Our tent also has a display board showing photos of the work we do.

We will also come out and do a presentation (for a  fee) locally.  Our PowerPoint presentation can last for up to an hour.  We have promotional material, artifacts from Sri Lanka.  Our talks are ideal for W.I., church groups, youth organisations in fact anyone who is interested!

We have to thank Phil & Jenny Pennant at AbraCARDabra based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire who have donated most of the gift and novelty items.  What would we have done without them.  Thank you so much.

Simon at the Signworks in Leamington needs a thank you for providing and updating our signs.  He gives up his time for free and provides us with very professional signs.  What a star!

Carol the Manager, Pam Fletcher and staff at Leamington branch of Save the Children have supported us non stop.  Items they are unable to sell find their way to us, courtesy of them.  We make a lot of money from these items and its good to know that donated items still raise money even if not through their shop.  Thanks a bunch girls!

Thanks also to Jo at Trust Pet Products, Budbrooke Industrial Park, Budbrooke, Warwick for providing dog and cat prizes for the themed tombolas.

If visiting us please bring us any unwanted gifts you may have that can be used on our Tombolas. (no bric a brac) Thank You. 

Fundraising Events 2011

This list is added to so please check regularly

Other events to be confirmed


WHITNASH LIGHTS TURN ON - December 4th 2011


Fundraising Events 2010

Another busy year at numerous events with our charity stand. its getting harder to raise funds in the current economic climate so every penny we can raise counts.



Nicki was invited to have a free stand at the Ultimate Pet Show in Birmingham for three days over May bank holiday provided she did a total of 9 dog grooming demos.  An offer like that was just too good to refuse so she and Jonathan took time of work to set up and attend this show.  It was the first show and the organisers had promised a large foot fall which did not appear but never the less the charity took just over 700.  Thank you to the organisers for this opportunity. Special thanks to Jo at Trust Pet Products for giving us more tombola prizes.  We like to do Dog themed tombolas as well as the usual tombola when we go to dog shows and Jo enabled us to also offer a cat themed tombola which caused some laughs.

We have had a good start to our fundraising this year and at last the weather has been reasonably kind apart from Whitnash Fun Day in May when the heavens opened!  A pat on the back to Jane from Save the Children who came along with a broken foot to help out! We took an amazing 117 which really was fabulous because hardly anyone came due to the weather!

Canine Capers at Coventry War Memorial Park was a great day out.  It was red hot which made things easier for us as we did not have to put up the tent.  A very nice show which was well organised, despite the large amount of charity stands we still managed to take just over 200.

Leamington Peace Festival in June again delighted us.  We love this event.  It is the most expensive event we attend but as it is on our door step, it is held for two days and we enjoy it so we begrudgingly  pay it!  We are reminded that the festival  is also a charity and it is not fair on other stall holders to make an exception which I can understand and as we make it  part of our annual holiday can't complain.  We also make a large amount of money (for us anyway) mainly as a result of hundreds of donated books which get grabbed up by the handful.  Books which would otherwise be sold for 2p to a recycling company are sold to us by Save the Children after they have tried to sell them for a couple of weeks.  We sell the books for 50p each with a fifth one for free when you buy four.  Any unsold books are then donated back to Save the Children for a second chance at selling them or then onto the recycling company for 2p each.  Both Save the Children and Support Sri Lanka Foundation and the planet benefit from this set up.

Dogs Trust Open Day and Annual Show at Honiley, near Kenilworth.  It started out dark, windy and wet but by the afternoon the sun was shining.  A large amount of dogs of all shapes and sizes visited us on the stand, some with very sad stories but with happy endings.  A well organised show - we raised 160. 

Guide Dog Experience at Stoneleigh held in July was very disappointing for us this year.  We were given a very poor spot for our stand with a very small frontage.  Although the stand was a good 20 feet deep people hate walking into a harrow stand - I think they think they will be held to ransom unless they buy something!  We took 171 but were over 100 down on last year.  It goes to show that when planning shows,  organisers must consider their exhibitors more.  Everything comes down to money now a days and with a massive area such as Stoneleigh show ground there was no excuse for squeezing us into such a narrow space with the idea for fitting in more stands.  I doubt we will go next year unless we a discounted stand in a better location. 

Crossbred and Mongrel Show at Stratford 19th July was a horrid wet day.  Nicki had been asked to be a judge, I said ok provided we could take the stand.  It was much smaller than the shows we usually do but the interest was large and the people generous.  We took 83 which was better than expected due to bad weather and not many people.  Thank you to the committee for letting us go.

We have a few more events to do and hope to see you there.  Thanks go out to our volunteers, without you we couldn't keep going out as often as we do.  Jenny, Jane, Hayley and Steve you are stars.



110 was raised a The National Boat, Caravan and Leisure Show from the sales of calendars and soft toys.

 WHITNASH FUN DAY on 19th May was a great success and thank goodness the weather was kind.  We raised 360 in total but was charged 20 for the space so banked 340.  Grateful thanks to Jenny Pately, Steve Turner, Derrick Farthing for their help on the day.

The sale of T shirts by Leamington Scuba Club raised 60 - well done and thanks to everyone who supported us.  Special thanks to Miles and Hilary for their efforts.


Fundraising 2007

It has been a disastrous year for us and for many other organisations who travel around the country raising money.  The bad weather has caused many events to be cancelled.  We have spent several nights/early hours in our nightwear trying to stop our fund raising tent from either blowing away or drowning in rain water!  Mud!  We have seen enough mud to last a life time!  

To add injury to insult our fund raising trailer died on us in June as we traveled to a show - the wheel nuts sheared off of one of the wheels rendering the trailer useless (single axle trailer)!    We had to hire a transit van and have to thank Caravan Accessories C.A.K. Tanks Ltd for donating the hire fee. We have to  say a huge thank you to David Boardman of Pegasus Trailers who has provided replacement parts to upgrade our trailer and help repair it.  Another very kind person we have met on our charity journey.  Thank you David.  

Ray at CCS Storage is a magician!  With no trailer we had to store our exhibition equipment somewhere and Ray found us the space we needed at no extra charge - thanks Ray.

Thank you to our volunteers who come and help us - Kay, Steve, Rowan, Clive, Jenny, Derrick, Hayley and Emma (apologies if I have missed your name!)

Foot and Mouth has also affected our fund raising as we like to go to countryside events.  Sadly these events have also been cancelled.  We really need to get in some money so we appeal to you for support.

Please see Our Projects for an insight into our work.


Thank you to Market Bosworth High School, Leicester.

Head Master Robert Turnell and his students dedicated a morning to fund raise for us.  Students did their bit and by various means raised 313.75!  The most money was made by a student bringing in her chocolate fountain and charging for a taste and another successful student made pop corn.  The children were very keen to help raise money for us and plan an out of uniform day later on in the year.  Well done to everyone.  Money raised will go towards nursery and school equipment.

Above picture shows Headmaster Robert Turnell in centre with two students who raised the most money presenting cheque to Nicki and Jonathan from Support Sri Lanka Foundation


Some of the many events we have attended to raise funds

The above photos were taken at Leamington Peace Festival in June 2007. The bottom left photo is one of me on the stage giving a short talk about our work.  The talk was called 'Making a difference'

The above four photos were taken at Whitnash Fun Day April 2007.  A cold day which put off a lot of people but we still made 290

We were very lucky to be given a stand at the International Caravan and Motorhome show 2006.  We managed to cram an awful lot into 10' x 10'. We raised an amazing 1071 which paid for the container shipment.

Leamington Spa Parade Xmas market 18 12 05 and 17 12 06 and 24 12 06


Long Marston Market & Car Boot 23 10 05 and many dates throughout 2006


Long Marston Market & Car Boot 23 10 05


Summer Fair & Car Boot 20 08 05


Morning Car boot at summer fair 20 08 05


Summer Fair 20 08 05


Armscote, Ettington Park Riding Club Show 26 06 05


Long Marston Market & Car Boot 8/5/05

Long Marston Market & Car Boot 1/5/05


Whitnash fun day 29 04 05


Whitnash fun day 29 04 05



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